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The Samuel Brighouse Elementary School story began in 1965, built to serve the residents of the "new" Brighouse Estates neighourhood.  Brighouse Elementary has grown into a culturally diverse community with well over 600 students and staff, among the largest elementary schools in the Richmond School District.

Welcome to Brighouse, "Where everyone counts!"



How will a school-wide reading intervention focus impact the overall reading competency of Brighouse students over time?

A number of factors led the Brighouse Staff to believe that Literacy and specifically, Early Literacy, was going to be an area of concern with the full return to school in September 2022.  A population of over 80 students that had remained in Transitional (at home) Learning through the 2020-2021 School Year, with an additional 50 returning for only the third term.  All of these students were aged Kindergarten to grade 5, with the vast majority coming from Kindergarten and Gr 1.  Literacy was seen as an area of learning that could be impacted by this reality.



Resource Team : Primary-wide Literacy Screen Completed - September 2022 - results indicated that an intentional set of supports would be beneficial to address identified needs.

See below for our Action and Evidence posts that demonstrate our school's journey related to our focus.

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