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Belonging at Brighouse

To support our question: How will creating school wide social and emotional activities help students to be kind to others, self and place? 

Throughout the school year we have had several whole school assemblies around community, where students had the opportunity to perform and appreciate the hard work of others.

We have also had planned buddy activities that the whole school participated in. There have also been sports teams (volleyball, basketball, track and field) as well as intermural for basketball. 

Along with sports, we had chess, and the awesome animal club where students could explore their interests and make connections with others who have the same interests. 

Something new we had this term was for students help in our kindergarten play space as leaders.  


As part of our data collection we surveyed our students in grades 2-7,asking the following questions: 

  • Do you feel welcome at school?

  • In which space at school do you feel most welcome? 

  • Can you name adults at our school who you can go to if you need help? 

  • Ms. Pantaleo and Ms. Scharf would like to ask students questions about their learning this year. Are you interested in joining this group? 

  • Do you have anything to say about helping people feel welcome at school that you would like staff to know? 


About 93% of our students felt welcome at least some of the time (47% most of the time, 26% all of the time, 20% some of the time). They felt the most welcome in their classrooms and on the playground. 91% of our students were able to name at least one adult who they could go to if they needed help. 

Our next steps are to invite those students who are interested to share in more detail about their learning. 


Updated: Tuesday, June 4, 2024