Brighouse Elementary School


Document learning experiences through pictures and art

  • Have teachers and students choose an inquiry based learning experience at least once during the year that students will document through photographs, art, and story

How does who we are as a community impact student learning?

This past spring, Brighouse was excited to promote and host our first Core Competencies open house on a Thursday evening.  Throughout the school classrooms were open for parents, families, and teachers to engage and interact with the language of the core competencies.  Some classes had small signs up around their room highlighting what core competencies had been taught on each unit or assignment. Bulletin boards and displays throughout the school were labeled to show parents what connections students were making to their learning in the areas of curriculum and core competencies.

Reflect on our learning to inform the coming year

  • Continue to use Pro D days to engage in the spirals of inquiry process

In June, our staff came together to discuss and reflect upon what characteristics best describe the Brighouse learning community.  We brainstormed on three topics, who we thought we were, who we wanted to become, and how we could use this information to plan more meaningful experiences for our learners.  As one of our inquiry questions /goals this year is help “students to be able to articulate their learning through story and art” we decided to answer these questions by exploring our school with the lens of a camera. In groups, we searched for evidence of how we were and how we learned and came together to make a photo collage of our community and how this impacts student learning.

Post our stories on school and district websites

  • Post our stories on the school website and twitter feed throughout the year to help inform parents
  • Compile photos into a school log book of learning that will be a physical (real book) document of our time together