Brighouse Elementary School


Document learning experiences through pictures and art

  • Have teachers and students choose an inquiry based learning experience at least once during the year that students will document through photographs, art, and story
  • These will become part of the school website and twitter feed
  • These can be anything teachers are already using in their portfolios

Reflect on our learning to inform the coming year

  • Review the growth cards late in the spring with students to see what has changed and how this helped them frame their thinking
  • Continue to use Pro D days to engage in the spirals of inquiry process
  • Focus on how we teach, how the students learn, how the students “see” their own learning, how students “show” their learning to better equip us to plan

Post our stories on school and district websites

  • Post our stories on the school website and twitter feed throughout the year to help inform parents
  • Compile photos into a school log book of learning that will be a physical (real book) document of our time together

Our Guiding Principles That Support How We Tell Our Stories

  • Focus on student learning to support each student in achieving his or her potential -> EACH STUDENT HAS DIFFERENT NEEDS
  • Value diversity and be inclusive of all learners -> EACH STUDENT HAS A UNIQUE STORY
  • Contribute to student learning in a meaningful, flexible, respectful, and sustainable manner -> ENGAGE IN PRO-D THAT HELPS TEACHERS BETTER MEET THE NEEDS OF OUR STUDENTS
  • Commit to continuous improvement and life-long learning through the use of an inquiry cycle -> REFLECT