Brighouse Elementary School


Welcome to Brighouse ... Home of the Blazers!

Brighouse is a cooperative community that provides opportunities for individual growth, enabling all to realize their potential.  We create a positive learning environment through honest communication, sharing, respect and pride.
                    "Where Everyone Counts"

Latest News

You are invited to attend the 8th Annual Richmond Autism Resource Fair - Nov. 16th

The Richmond Autism Interagency Committee presents... THE 8TH ANNUAL RICHMOND AUTISM RESOURCE FAIR - NOVEMBER 16TH Featuring the Incredible Shelley Moore!...

Kindergarten Registration for 2020-2021 - Parent Info Sessions

Richmond School District 38 is excited to welcome kindergarten registration applications for children born in 2015, turning 5 in 2020. These children will...

Helping Students Manage Anxiety - Join us for a Talk by Mrs. Ioannidis

Parent Education Event!
Please join us for a session called “Helping Students Manage Anxiety”, led by our School Counsellor, Mrs. Ioannidis.

Mathematics in the Richmond School District

October 2019 Mathematics is a broad discipline that involves creative and critical thinking and problem-solving. Although many parents are familiar with the...

First Day Back to School

First Day Back to School - Tuesday, September 3rd Welcome to Brighouse! ATTENDANCE FOR ONE HOUR ONLY Returning students in Grades 1 - 7 will attend from 8:45...