Brighouse Elementary School


About Us

On Thursday, April 25, 2019, Brighouse students and staff cordially invited our community of families to our school for an evening celebration of our learning and our educational successes. Classes worked hard during April highlighting some of their brightest projects, best ideas, and most amazing learning that had taken place. Each class linked their learning with curricular and core competencies that were emphasised through the process and highlighted on posters or write ups next to their projects. The emphasis was on inquiry based learning and there were a variety of displays such as paintings, loose parts stations, clay models of showing growth mindset ideas, and garage band music that students had created themselves. We had all the displays in our hallways and families were invited on a gallery walk led by the students. This was to ensure that families did not just visit their own child's classroom but were able to look at and celebrate all of the learning that is happening at Brighouse.


Continuing our theme of our Brighouse school story being celebrated through art and stories, the gallery walk was a huge success! Teachers, administration, and students all collaborated together on this project and sharing with the broader community helped to promote the engagement portion of our inquiry questions. This focus and celebration evening helped us to further explore our inquiry questions:

  • How can we enrich student learning by helping students foster a growth mindset?
  • How can we help students be able to articulate their learning through story and art? 
  • How does who we are as a community impact student learning?
  • How can we better use the language of the core competencies in our planning?

Our Vision Statement

Brighouse is a cooperative community that provides opportunities for individual growth, enabling all to realize their potential. We create a positive learning environment through honest communication, sharing, respect and pride.

It is our goal to bring life to this vision through on-going discussion with parents, teachers, students and other community members, professional  development for teachers and our daily interactions with one another.


Our Motto

“Where Everyone Counts"