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Trekking Tuesdays

Treking Tuesday

“Teachings can be shared and learned at any time and in any place.” (Our Stories, Our . . .) 

How does walking connect me to myself, others and my community? 

How might walking the land connect me to the land, water and Musqueam? 

How does walking change me? How does walking change us? 

We are learning from Indigenous Knowledge, that the simple act of taking a walk, a walk with a learning intention or purpose, can have lots of positive effects for ourselves, our learning and our relationships to each other and the land. Learning happens when we go outside! Each Tuesday, the students in “Orca Pod” (Divisions 3 and 4), walk in our neighbourhood. We call it “Trekking Tuesday.”  

Walking helps us to understand our connections to our community, develop a sense of place and an emotional connection to the natural world that surrounds us in the city and supports the development of our personal and social identities. When we walk, we practice and reflect upon STARR behaviours. We engage in mindful listening and seeing, and we document and reflect upon changes we are observing. As we walk with thoughtful intention, we consider the needs of other people, and pay attention to what the community and earth needs from us. The Elders teach us, that the simple act of walking can be a ceremony – stopping and taking in a deep breath of morning air, looking, listening, and opening our hearts, minds and ears, can be a way to connect to ourselves, each other and to the land we are on. Walking gives us the opportunity to reflect upon and describe what respect and responsibility look like, sound like and most importantly, feel like when we are in the world. 

Quotes from kids: 

“I can also learn a lot about Richmond – I live here but I don’t really know a lot, but I think I should. Other kids need to know that they’re kind of using the land and that’s not really theirs, so it might help them to be more grateful for where they are.” (Arissa, gr. 6) 

“It’s really fun because it’s nice to go outside to learn and have a different learning environment. I like being outside, around green and living things and animals.” 

“It makes me more aware of my surroundings and where I am.” (Kaleb, gr 6) 


Updated: Thursday, June 22, 2023