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School Story - Action 1

Whole school community building and connection

Brighouse is coming back to life! We are moving past the pandemic protocols and limitations and resuming some old traditions and activities as well as creating new traditions and whole group experiences for our community.

Sports are one of the main ways that we are using to provide connections for students with other adults in the school. We have a very dedicated coaching staff.

Currently we have two upper intermediate basketball teams and one middle intermediate basketball team. They are coached by a Grade 6/7 teacher, and also a Primary and Resource teacher.

Brighouse also had a very robust volleyball team, with over 55 students participating.

To include more of our lower intermediate students (grades 5/6 and 7) we had a dodgeball league that had well over 100 students playing a couple of lunch hours a week.

A long-standing tradition at Brighouse has been our Grand Hall Caroling. Classes line the hallways, upstairs and down and we sing a variety of songs from different celebrations. This event happened 3 mornings during the last week before our winter break. This event brought our whole community together in a lighthearted way.

We have met as a committee to plan and implement a variety of assemblies that highlight the diversity that is found in our school. Due to our large size each assembly is repeated twice. It provides opportunities for large groups to gather and appreciate each other.

For student who are more interested in a more cerebral challenge, we have chess club. Mr. Favela sponsors the chess club for grade 4 to grade 7 students. This brings students together from a variety of different classes and age levels.

Our school dance team includes students from many different classes and grade levels. They have had the opportunity to perform at assemblies as well as the PAC sponsored Lunar New Year celebration after school.

We have been fortunate to have 2 PAC sponsored community events. The first was a December PAC social. The second was a Lunar New Year potluck in our gym. This event gathered close to 300 people.

We will continue to provide a variety of different extra-curricular activities that help to bring our community together and create connections for our students.





Updated: Thursday, February 16, 2023