Gallery of Voices

"Every teacher is like family and there is so many nice kids who help out and play with you – everyone is very including and

accepting. I love the diversity – no one is disliked for that kind of thing. Learning is calm, not intense and we

get to work outside sometimes.  Learning is great here and I tell my parents and I never want to leave,

learning is on point. Supportive learning at this school even if you are from a different country. Our teacher

has different strategies for learning and sharing knowledge. Our teacher uses different things like working in

groups or using blocks to explain our thinking and using the window to write and explain our thinking.

I like how the teachers all want us to explore subjects and find new things even if you already studied

something, they want you to learn even more. When I’m working with my friends, my learning is more

positive.  Sometimes I get stressed with my work and when I’m with my friends, I’m more open and positive

I like to have choice and go further into subjects to find other interesting subjects to learn. 

There are so many people and everyone is accepting. I like school. The teachers; It is an accepting

environment; I’ve never had a teacher I didn’t like –People always smile. People are nice to each other. I like

the learning. You get to meet new people. Helpful friends. I love it because every teacher is welcoming and

special. Every classroom feels like a home, everyone is going to treat you nicely from the first day.

Welcoming-When I go to school it’s not like a burden, it’s fun for me because the teachers teach me in a

good way so that I understand it. Field trips are really fun because the teachers never force us to do

anything but they give us a chance to do everything. New clubs to join. Teachers are so nice. "

Updated: Tuesday, November 30, 2021