Brighouse Elementary School


Setting Up Access to Your Child's ePortfolio Account

Some classes at Brighouse will be using ePortfolios as a tool to document and communicate student learning. Each student will have an individual ePortfolio which they can access via their own username and password. If your child's teacher has communicated to you that your child will be using an ePortfolio this year, please click here to watch a video that will assist you in setting up access to your child's ePortfolio account.

Tips for Setting up Access to Your Child’s ePortfolio:

  1. The access code set-up can be completed on a computer or mobile device.
  2. Check your "Junk" folder if you haven't received an email from your child's teacher within a few day's time.
  3. Use the same device and browser for setting up the access and subsequent visits to your child’s ePortfolio. This will prevent problems with the access code that you are assigned.
  4. Be sure to click the ‘Stay Signed In’ check box after entering your child’s student number in the ‘Connect With Your Child’ window.
  5. Your child’s student number is either 6 or 7 digits long. Do not include the “SD0” or “SD00” in front of the number that your child uses to log into the Portal when adding it to the “Enter Student ID” box.
  6. Assuming you are using a personal device, simply close the window to exit the system; do not click the “Sign Out” button and “Forget this Device” button. If you do click these, your access will be broken and you will need to request for a new access code from your child’s teacher for subsequent visits.
  7. If you are using a shared device (e.g. library computer), be sure to click on the ‘Sign Out’ button and subsequent “Forget This Device” button.

Please contact your child's teacher if you need support with accessing your child's ePortfolio.