Updated Mandatory Daily Health Declaration

In February, the Ministry of Education and the BC Centre for Disease Control updated the Provincial COVID-19 Health & Safety Guidelines for K-12 Settings. As a result, we have now received updated daily health check posters to use each morning. We are pleased to be able to provide you with copies of the daily health check posters that you may print and post in a visible location in your home. We hope by referring to the daily health check poster and using the daily health check app, that families will be able to undertake this important component of how we are working together to limit the spread of COVID-19. For ease of access, the Health Check Posters are also available by clicking "Daily Health Declaration" at the top of our school website. As always, our schools continue to comply with the health and safety guidelines which include hand washing, respiratory etiquette, physical distancing, mask wearing, learning in cohort groupings and the daily health check. We value your support and willingness to work with us so that all children may learn together at school. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the school. Thank you!



在二月里,省教育厅和BC疾病控制中心 (BC Centre for Disease Control) 对省级K-12年级新冠卫生安全规范进行了更新。因此,我们现已收到用于每天早晨自检的最新版本的每日健康检查告示。

Updated: Thursday, October 14, 2021