Brighouse Elementary School


Grades 6 & 7 Outdoor Education

Brighouse school has a tradition of involving our Grade 6 & 7 students in an Outdoor Education program every other year. Participating in Outdoor Ed is a very positive and wonderful way to get to know each other. We truly are able to build upon the experiences, skills and relationships developed at Outdoor Education Camp to help create a positive school experience.

Camp Jubilee is located on the Indian Arm (a 45 min. boat ride from Cate’s Park, North Vancouver). We will be traveling by bus and boat to and from the camp. Brighouse staff members will accompany our Grade 6 and 7 students to supervise and support this Outdoor Education Program offered by the staff of Camp Jubilee. Please go to the Camp Jubilee website for more information about the camp itself:

The next trip to Camp Jubilee has been tentatively set for June 2022. More information to come.