Brighouse Elementary School


Inquiry Questions

  • How can we enrich student learning by helping students foster a growth mindset?
  • How can we help students be able to articulate their learning through story and art?
  • How does who we are as a community impact student learning?

Our Hopes with FESL

  • To use our garden artwork as a foundation to reflect on and work toward knowing who we were and who we want to be as a community
  • To honour our past as well as to let our past guide our future decisions
  • To use narrative, story telling and artwork to be able to share our rich stories of personal growth

Engage in the Inquiry Process

  • Inquiring into using stories to promote growth mindset with our teachers and students
  • Growth mindset/Story telling Professional Development Days
  • Family team activities /assemblies looking at growth mindset, using narrative through art and written word to show our learning and our growth mindset

What do we need to grow and thrive in our learning environment?

  • Using our garden as a metaphor, create our own growth tags in September with teachers and students.
  • These will help create best optimal learning situations for all learners